3 Benefits of using Stereo 3D in the Classroom

1. 3D Helps make the learning process engaging and exciting. Students have the ability to repeat key steps without repercussions all while being engaged in a rich three dimensional environment. With Stereo 3D all students are seeing the exact same image at the same level of 3D enrichment regardless of where they are seated in the classroom, ensuring all students are on task while thoroughly engaged with subject material. 2. 3D enables students to visualize key concepts in completely new ways. Stereo 3D animations, simulations and interactive objects for example allow students to travel inside the human body or zoom inside of a dissected skeleton to a degree of detail and scope not poss

How to get the most out of your class set of mobile devices

From Tablets and Smartphones to Android/IOS Laptops many schools are using the latest in mobile devices to get their students engaged and capture their attention. However managing a class set of devices (or more) can prove challenging for educators. How do you highlight an individual student's work for the whole class to learn from? Or how about demonstrating a lesson from your device wirelessly to the rest of the class? What about having a few students work together and share their work split screen? These questions might seem daunting in terms of what technology would be required but have no fear, we have a solution! The iAVRover Cart has been upgraded and now features Android/IOS Devi

Part Four: 3D Learning Tools for Education: a comparision

This is part four of our blog series 3D Learning Tools for Education where we'll discuss some of the differences and similarities between AR, VR and Stereo 3D as well as a recap of the key attributes of each technology. Let's start with AR. In terms of educational application it is mostly a 1:1 learning tool but since it is an emerging technology the potential applications remain to be seen fully. Some applications are textbook integration (interactive diagrams or videos triggered by a certain image for additional information/immersion) or adding additional experiences and supplying information during field trips. Next lets look at VR. With devices like google cardboard a whole class can

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