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Your favorite mobile edtech solution is better than ever.

New Complimentary Upgrades

Rear Handle.jpg
  • HDMI and Legacy Connections

  • Heavy Duty Rear Handle

  • Amplifier with 2X the power


A mobile classroom solution that is truly ahead of the pack.


• Adjustable image size and height​

• Totally secure even when in use
• Shareable between classrooms
• No setup time​
• Rack-Rails for easy upgrades

• Superior quality audio

5 year

Meet the new AVRover mixer amplifier...

Introducing the AVR50.




We've included the same easy to use features and connectivity options that you know and love from it's predecessor, the AVR25, but as it's name suggests added 2X the power.  

AVR 50 Front.jpg

2 AC and 2 USB convenience outlets

USB plugs.jpg

Easily charge your mobile devices, laptop and any other peripherals.

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