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​Make the most of your
your preferred mobile device

Wireless mirroring your preferred mobile device through  the onboard projector in your iAVRover is super easy and seamless.

Manage student devices and share the latest apps with your class all while being free walk around your classroom inspiring, engaging and checking individual student's progress as you go.  





 New Complimentary Upgrades 

  • Wireless mobile device mirroring

  • Display up to 4 devices simultaneously

  • Manage up to 64 users

  • 3000 lumens short or standard throw projector included

  • HDMI and Legacy connections

  • 50 watt 4 channel mixer amplifier

  • (3) 60 watt integrated speakers

  • Blu-ray player

  • locking storage drawer

  • Heavy Duty Rear Handle

  • Convenience outlets (4 USB & 4 AC)

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