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Presenting a line of custom mobile solutions specifically designed for CPS! 

Why Mobile?  You may be suprised to know that going mobile with educational technology is becoming the preferred method in the US over installed solutions for many reasons!  

Here's just a few reasons why educators are choosing mobile solutions:

1.  Avoid Asbestos abatement while providing the same high level edtech.  Why go through the time and expense of an installation when you can use the same technology in a more flexible way?!

2.  Mobile Technology plays nicely with flexible classroom furnishing and seating arrangements:  Deploy your AVRover cart in seconds whenever and wherever you need it!

3.  Adjustable image size and position.  Raise and lower image height to accommodate a variety of screen and projection areas while easily making image size large for the whole class or small for group work.

Designed with YOU in mind! 

CPS AVRover Model Features Include:

AVRover Rugged Mobile Chassis

Steel, Powder Coated, Scratch Resistant Cart 36"x19"x24"

Assembled with Security Fasteners for Security even when in use

Adjustable Projector Shelf for Image Elevation

Convenience Connections and 2 Power Outlets

Retractable Power Cord

Heavy Duty Wheels

5 Year Limited Warranty

Projector Options

3,000 Lumens DLP Short Throw Projector

5,000 Lumens DLP Short Throw Projector

Wireless Device Management and Mirroring

Teacher Controlled 64 Device Classroom Mirroring with convenient management portal

Wireless and Portable Interactive whiteboard

Onfinity CM2Max IWB

Microphone Options

Wired Mic

Wireless Boundary Mic

Superior Audio System

4 Channel Mixer Amplifier - Mic, DVD, Computer, Aux

3 Built in Speakers

DVD Player

Storage Options

3u (5.25") Lockbox

4u (7") Locking Drawer

Convenient Laptop connections

Umbilical Cord with VGA, HDMI and 3.5 Audio Jack

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