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Call us at 1-800-724-0236 to be connected with a certified AVRover technician, free of charge!


​Follow these steps and you’ll be mirroring your favorite apple devices through your iAVRover in no time!

1. Plug in iAVRover
2. Power on projector
3. Connect your Apple device (iPad 2 or later / iPhone 4s or later) to the wireless network named iAVRover-200XXXX
4. Double-click the “home” button on your Apple device to reveal the task bar
5. Slide the tasks to the Right to reveal the button that looks like this:
6. Select the button and set the display option to iAVRover-200XXXX and enable “mirroring.”
7. Your iAVRover will now display anything that appears on your Apple device screen.




Is there a way to remotely control my laptop with my iPad?

Yes.  Any laptop or on board computer connected to the iAVRover can also be controlled by your preferred Apple Device.  All you will need is an app that will support this capability installed on the desired computer and apple device.  (We use Splashtop, but there are many apps available)

I already have an AVRover.  Is there an upgrade to make my AVRover an iAVRover?

In most cases no, though the answer can vary, you’ll want to contact your AVRover reseller or give us a call to discuss your options as they depend upon the configuration of your system.  The iAVRover is an integrated hardware solution, and like all AVRovers, it is pre-configured and tested by our technicians prior to shipping. 
The are specific settings, projector requirements and configurations as well as proper installation of hardware and software that we’ve taken into account in creating the iAVRover, including our constant testing and refining of the product, which is not something we are able to offer as an upgrade.


Can I use my iAVRover for 3D Projection too?

If you are interested in portable 3D projection capabilities, you’ll want to start with the 3DAVRover, which includes everything you need for immersive Stereoscopic 3D Teaching.  As with all AVRover products, tailor any of our standard models to include the features and functionality you need.

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