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1.  Install Freeclass on the laptop you'll be using with the ONfinity (Do NOT plug in receiver at this time)

2.  Once Freeclass is installed connect USB cable to ONFinity receiver and plug into your laptop

3.  Launch Freeclass 

4.  Windows Users: in the toolbar near your system time you should see a small blue icon of a person, right click on that icon and select calibrate

5.  Calibrate by clicking on each of the green dots that appear using your hand held wand or stylus pen

Need help?

Call us at 1-800-724-0236 to be connected with a certified AVRover technician.

Follow these steps to get your Interactive AVRover up and running.



Q:      Can I use the ONfinity system with other software?

A:      The ONfinity system and FreeClass software allows your wand to work with any software on your computer.  It acts basically like your mouse and will also provide the ability to annotate over other software as well as the ability to easily copy and paste screenshots into the FreeClass whiteboard pages.​

Q:      What size image can be interactive with the ONfinity system?

A:      The ONfinity system's receiver will work at distances up to 17 feet.  The receiver scans an area that is approximately two-thirds the width of the distance, therefore the maximum scan area is about 11.5 feet wide, which equates to a 14 foot diagonal image.​

Q:      How can you judge if there is ambient lighting disturbance?

A:      There is a red indication light on the top of the signal receiver.  This indication light will be stable when there is no optical signal communicated from the E-Pen. When the receiver detects optical signals, it will flash. If there is no optical signal being transmitted from the E-Pen and the indication light keeps flashing, this means there is ambient lighting disturbance. In the case of positioning calibration failure, cursor fluctuating or unpredictable lines appearing, check the indication light on the signal receiver first. One simple way to find out the cause is to cover the front panel of the signal receiver with your hand. The indication light should stop flashing. This indicates the device is functioning properly and the signal reception failure is due to ambient disturbance. Otherwise, the device may be defective. Seek help with product distributor or reseller.

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