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"As a district, we have purchased over 600 rover carts from AVRover. We love the carts and the flexibility an AVRover cart provides for classrooms. Working with AVRover has been easy and seamless. Their response to our needs is quick and professional and the quality of their product is solid. I would recommend AVRover for any cart needs. The teachers of Bellevue Public Schools absolutely love their carts and would not be able to function effectively in the classroom without them."

Greg Botteger
Director of Technology
Bellevue Public Schools
Bellevue, NE

"Using the AVRover this year has been GREAT! Let’s be honest, keeping up with our students’ development in technology is a difficult task, but the Rover allowed me to keep my curriculum relevant and exciting for my students. With the 3-D boom the initial “wow” factor immediately caught their attention and my class quickly became the “buzz” around school. The really amazing part though was watching the students’ engagement with the programs. The clips were outstanding because they put lessons to life in a way that text books and traditional movies could not. Students could truly see what their units coming to life right before their eyes. The AVRover was an outstanding addition, increasing student understanding in many various topics!!"

Matt Walker, MEd, BBA, EMT-B
Medical Lead Teacher
Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School
Jacksonville, FL

"AVRover is AWESOME.  We have 5 in our schools and everyone agrees that they are one of the most useful pieces of technology!"

Michael Pietrzak

-Diocese of Wichita, KS

"In order to truly integrate technology into our curriculum, we are modifying our computer lab philosophy to the following...bring the technology to the student, instead of the student to the technology.  We will accomplish this by outfitting our computer teacher with a complete AVRover SVS200 system from which to conduct her scheduled computer class right in the classroom. Our ultimate goal will be for collaboration around designing integrative lesson plans and shared teaching between the classroom teacher and the computer teacher."

-Milton, NH Technology Director

"Last year, all of the secondary libraries in our district purchased AVRovers.  Since the AVRover is such a versatile, mobile, secure teaching tool, I would like an additional one to share with our faculty.  I believe that our teachers will also find it to be a very flexible teaching tool that can assist them to adress their student's learning styles.  In addition, it is user friendly, interactive, terrific PA system, and equipment is secure at all times.  To sum it up, it is truly the technology that any 21st Century classroom teacher could possibly need to succeed"

-Galveston, TX Librarian

“I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with our AV Rovers.  We purchased a number of the first generation of AV Rovers (SVS300) and they worked great. We’ve used them in many applications and they have been a quick and efficient answer to our AV needs. That led us to purchase even more of the latest SVS200 AV Rovers.”
“You’ve continued to tweak your product and they’re better than ever, plus with the addition of the ONfinity System, that requires no expensive interactive board, you’ve come up with a truly remarkable modern interactive classroom that works great at a very reasonable price.  We’re a satisfied customer. Keep up the good work!”

Bob Muhlbauer
Audio Technician Manager
Springville Griffith Institute

"Second, exams, notes, and even assignments can be scanned and displayed on the whiteboard.  Long winded discussions can be avoided and instant display of resources and notes can be available to all students.  This will also promote instant discussion and interaction. Third, the AVRover would touch on the needs of all types of learners.  Verbal, auditory, physical and visual.  Teaching would be interactive and student centered.  The proverbial question, "I don't know what we are doing"  will be avoided as work will be displayed instantly to all students.  Lessons can be instantly recapped with pictures, diagrams, or even previous brainstorming sessions."

Finance Coordinator
Life Academy, Allentown, PA

"We have rolled out the first 7 AVRovers to our teachers and the initial feedback is very positive." 
"When we look at the future of this tool in our schools the future looks very bright. It has the flexibility that is not available from an intelligent whiteboard solution that is installed once and is not mobile. It will not be the only tool we roll out but with the tight finances we are forecasting in to the near future, the mobile solution may be more easily shared between classrooms and overall more fiscally responsible."

"As you can see, there are potentially 35 units we will be looking to purchase within a short period of time. We are hoping you will look to share with the educational community that the Roslyn Public Schools is an innovative and progressive institution and supportive of innovative models of instructional technology as you speak with potential customers. We are open to sharing how we use this tool as it develops over time and have always welcomed visitors and have offered vendors opportunities to hold showcases in our district as we develop relationships with them over time."

Edward A. Salina, Jr., Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Administration
Roslyn Public Schools

“The Media Services department of the College at Brockport has had a very strong relationship with SVS for many years.  Several years ago, our main science building was remodeled with brand new interactive whiteboards, but no projectors.  SVS consulted with us and developed what has now become the AV Rover to allow us to use those whiteboards in a more cost effective and efficient manner.  As time went on and the demand for multimedia in the classroom increased, SVS listened to our feedback and made modifications and improvements to the AV Rover line which allowed us to fully equip over 90% of our classrooms with computer and video projection in just a couple of years instead of a couple of decades.”

Frank Mancini
Media Services
The College at Brockport

“At Silver Creek Central School we were doing research for various Audio/Video solutions to fit the needs of our classrooms for an upcoming capital project.  We faced several obstacles with a fixed solution such as a wall mounted screen.  These solutions required us to have electrical work done to accommodate these boards as well as binding the teachers and equipment to a fixed location within the room.  As we did not have the money to install these in every room we would have to do an analysis to determine which staff members/rooms would have the technology.”
“The AVRover solution fixed all those issues.  It allowed us to deploy a mobile solution that could be shared amongst all staff regardless of location.  They could use a wall or portable screen, which allowed for staff to have their room setup any way they chose from year to year.  All of the equipment; audio, video, laptop could be wired and left on the cart for anyone to use without having to connect any extra wires other than a power cord.  We could also utilize our future wireless network to give them network/internet access from every cart.”

John Zolnowski
Asst. Technology Coordinator
Silver Creek Central School District

“Here is some feedback that I have collected on the AVRover systems.”
1. Easy to move from one class to another
2. Great sound system for showing educational movies
3. PA system is perfect for PTA  meetings
4. We used it for our MS dance night and it was perfect for projecting images
5. Easy to use
6. Everyone in our blding has used it including phys ed and administrators
7. Love the VCR option because we still have so much on VHS
8. We've had  around 15 in our district and have not had one problem in four years!!!!!!!!!!
9. This is the most versatile educational aide in our district.
10. Great for showing Power Point Presentations

Dave Dennison
Senior Network Technician
Gates Chili School District

“For years I have been extremely satisfied with the service and product line from SVS.  We have purchased several AV Rover portable AV Systems.  What a great presentation tool.  Our teachers rave about its interactive white board system, clear audio and sharp video.  We are please with the AV Rover but especially happy with SVS’s concern for the end user.”

Dan Reardon
West Irondequoit Schools
Coordinator of Media Services

"AVRover portable unit is the best learning solution ever know in the history of educational technology, not only in the classroom but at home too, with the increasing parental involvement in learning system today some parents are at lost on how to engage their kids in learning at home, just as the teachers are facing the same frustration in the classroom. AVRover portable unit empower parents like me to be proficient teachers at home, nurturing their kids with 21st century skills in their own style, any where, any time. Since I acquired the AVRover portable unit, I am a proud parent to my kids and their peers. I roll my AVRover unit to the pool side, by the beach side and back of the yard, when moments call for one-on-one teaching or group discussion with my kid and their friends.  Thank you AVrover company for giving me back my life and pride as a parent. I love what you are doing business wise and in taking learning to the next level, please promote your products to schools as homes to the parents."  

KENNETH ORIMMA, Bahama Educator

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