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  • High-quality projection surface that can serve as a large, seamless writing surface.
  • Stain-resistant/graffiti proof projection surface.
  • Comes in flexible rolls and installs like most commercial wallcoverings.
  • Creates virtually seamless wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling presentation surfaces, even on curved walls.
  • Makes presentation surfaces fully-accessible/ADA compliant. (floor to ceiling)

Product Overview

GatorWall is a multipurpose wallcovering that combines the features of a high-quality projection screen with the advantages of a large,  seamless writing surface. Engineered with “bi-directional” embossed vinyl, GatorWall provides superior projection and wide-angle viewing with virtually no image falloff. Dry erase film enables the use of dry erase markers. 

Applied in the same fashion as standard commercial wallcovering, GatorWall can be hung on any clean, smooth, sealed surface. Wallcovering-backed GatorWall can be applied using a heavy-duty wallcovering adhesive. Horizontal seams are recommended when using GatorWall roll vinyl, although vertical seams may be used. For virtually invisible seams, all seams must be double-cut and all vinyl should be railroaded (reverse roll direction) to ensure color matching.


GatorWall should be washed with an ammonia or alcohol-based cleaner or mild soap and rinsed thoroughly with water prior to using. Contact us for more detailed installation instructions.



Gatorwall is available per linear foot and in widths of 50" and 60".  You can order a 4 foot piece to use as a whiteboard or an entire roll to outfit several classrooms.  

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