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Award Winning Mono Content

Available Packages include:

147 Elementary School topics in the Sciences 

861 Middle School topics in Math and Science 
1,013 High School topics in Math and Science 

Universal package

(Elementary + Middle + High School 2,021 topics included)

Post-Secondary Math and Science package topic listing

License information:  ​Standard license is a 1 yr single user license.  Additional years are available to add at the time of purchase or at the time of renewal.


Cyberscience Mono content by Cyber Anatomy  Cyberscience 3D content includes incredibly detailed, interactive models, spanning the subjects of Botany, Human Anatomy, Zoology, Microbiology, Chemistry and Engineering.  Students can explore, dissect and manipulate virtual 3D objects at a varying level of difficulty, making Cyberscience suitable for a variety of grade levels. Includes 151 interactive objects. ​ Mono content by Designmate  -  Impressed with Designmate's 3D Content offerings?  There are even more topics available in Mono or "2D" that require no special equipment.  Eureka in by Designmate. Designmate's unique blend of videos, simulations, experiments, learning activities, quizzes, texts, images, and learning objects have revolutionized the way students across the world understand key concepts in Math and Science including Biology, Physics and Chemistry.








Available Packages include:



Cyberscience Mono (151 interactive objects)​

License information:  Standard License is a perpetual single user license and therefore will not expire.

VFrog Dissector  Immersive learning activities featuring step-by-step instructions, a fully interactive interface, and easy to use tools. Students conduct a complete virtual 3D Frog learning experience including dissection. 








Available Packages include:




VFrog Dissector single user license Mono License

VFRog Dissector mono site license

Includes: 1 3D License and unlimited 2D or Mono licenses per site



License information:  Standard License is a perpetual single user license and therefore will not expire.

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