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Make it your own

Stylus Pen  -  Simply touch the projected surface with your stylus, just as you would any other whiteboard and you're off and running, interacting with your programs and engaging your students. Students who prefer the hands on feel of using a pen will love working with the stylus.






Available as a substitution with Interactive AVRover purchase or for purchase separately.  


Ceiling Mount Kit  -  Already have a ceiling mounted projector?  The CM2max receiver can be conveniently fixed to your projector or the ceiling nearby.



The Ceiling Mount Kit comes with everything needed to make the most of your existing projector installation.  

25 ft or longer Proprietary USB Cable to connect receiver to desired computer

Use Grid Clip to mount receiver next to ceiling mounted projector or double sided velcro to fix directly to projector.                



Interactive AVRover System Upgrades 

Additional Functionality  -  Add broadcast capability or wireless iPad mirroring to your Interactive AVRover for a multi-purpose solution second to none.  Or for further customization check out our extras page



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