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AVRover 3D Glasses -  These active 3D glasses were designed specifically for education.  Choose your quantity to suit your application.


Featuring the fastest active-shutter technology on the market for the best and the brightest 3D images available, AVRover 3D Glasses work without any installation—simply turn them on to view 3D content. The glasses also use standard, over-the-counter CR2032 batteries for easy battery replacement, with an average of 100 hours of battery life.  

Award Winning 3D Content  -  Immersive videos, interactive objects, and engaging simulations are all available at the click of a button



 AVRover has the largest repository of 3D Educational content available, all specifically designed to engage students and enhance lessons.  Simply choose from our  our award winning 3D content packages and we'll install the content on your 3DAVRover system for free!*​  

*free installation included when 3D content is purchased with a 3DAVRover system.*



3D Bluray Capability  -  Extend the functionality of your 3DAVRover by having us integrate a 3D Bluray player.*

Perfect for after school programs or special events, adding 3D Bluray capability enables you to do even more with your 3DAVRover.  From educational films to the latest in 3D entertainment, your 3DAVRover can handle it!*​

*factory integration of AVRover approved 3D Bluray player(s) only*


Scene from the film, Avatar ©



3DAVRover System Upgrades 

Projector upgrade  -  We have 3500 lumens+ upgrades for you to choose from or if you have something else in mind, we provide free consultations to determine what would work best for your desired application. 

Customized Storage  -  Looking for more/less storage space for your 3D Glasses and peripherals, no problem!  We offer a variety of drawer and locking storage options.

Additional Functionality  -  Add wireless iPad mirroring and/or interactive whiteboard capability to your 3DAVRover for a multi-purpose solution second to none.  

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