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Stunning 3D Content Included!

Proven to increase student retention upwards of 33%,  the 3DAVRover features the latest in Stereo 3D Projection technology in an easy to use console designed to be used virtually anywhere in your school. 


Engage, Excite and Enlighten your Students with 3D.

• Proven to increase test scores by 33%
• Advanced 3D Computer System
• Professional sound system
• Adjustable image size and height
• Totally secure even when in use
• Shareable between classrooms
• No setup time​

*NEW* 3D Content Knowledge areas



Click for more info on available 3D Content.

View your .stl files in Stereo 3D prior to Printing

The 3DAVRover is the only all in one Stereo 3D Solution that allows you to view your .stl and SolidWorks files in stunning stereo 3D prior to 3D printing or presentations for an up close and personal review of your designs.


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