Pair this with your 3D Content for an even greater educational impact!

Did you know that most of our 3D Content offerings are also available in "2D" or "Mono"? This can be a great way to supplement your 3D Content in a computer lab or using your class set of laptops. Students can view a model of a V8 engine in 3D and then use their designated laptop to manipulate, take apart and label it for an even more enriching experience. Or how about a virtual 3D Frog dissection? Imagine the teacher conducting a 3D Frog Dissection and then having the students complete their own virtual frog dissection, with step by step instructions and the ability to repeat steps for further understanding.

For more information on our stunning Mono content offerings and suggestions on what would pair well with your 3D Content, give us a call at 1-800-724-0236.

Happy Learning!

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