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Mobile carts are truly perennial edtech

Even in the most seemingly tumultuous times you probably can't help but feel the perennial pull of rebirth, new growth and abundant change that Spring inspires in us every year. So, with the official start of Spring 2020 right around the corner and in the spirit of rebirth, growth and change, we thought we'd take a moment to point out some of the changes and exciting upgrades we've come up with in recent months.

1. AVROVER CART NEWS: We've added a bunch of new complimentary upgrades to your favorite AVRover model:

  • Convenient Laptop Connections: HDMI and Legacy

  • Easier Transportation: Heavy Duty Bar Handle

  • Even more charging ports: 2 USB and 2 AC

2. NEW AND IMPROVED AVROVER AMPLIFIER: In case you missed it, our new standard AVRover mixer amplifier features 2x the power of the AVR25 with the same easy to use inputs and controls that make it a must have component for any edtech solution featuring audio. Did we mention it's made to our spec's by our partner in Illinois? Meet the AVR50 :)

3. AVROVER CART SPECIAL: Many of you have already taken advantage of perhaps our best offer ever on the new and improved AVRover cart. If you are thinking of getting an AVRover cart you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. To do this, head on over to our homepage and click the blue AVROVER CART SPECIAL button below the menu for all the details :)

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