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Looking to freshen up your classroom technology? Here's a quick tip on incorporating technology

Spring is here! Hopefully to stay :) With the change in seasons upon us (and in the spirit of spring cleaning) we thought we'd discuss a product that fits in nicely for freshening up your classroom technology and enhancing your creative learning spaces.

One trend in classroom design is the incorporation of creative learning spaces. This could include several areas in the classroom designed for different functions, learning styles and could include use of BYOD's or your class set of mobile devices, multi-purpose technologies and flexible classroom furnishings. Here's a few examples of creative learning spaces: a small group discussion area, individual learning areas for students to use mobile devices, and a larger scale presentation area for group instruction or individual use.

Tip on choosing educational technology for your desired creative learning space: Look for multi-functional tech tools that play nicely with your class implementation of tablets or smart phones.

Product Spotlight: The AVRover Wireless Presentation cart is designed specifically for this kind of application. It includes a 3000 lumens short throw projector (to minimize required throw distance aka space needed in the classroom) and all of the other features you would come to expect in an AVRover system such as integrated DVD Player, 50 watt 4 channel mixer amplifier with (3) 50 watt speakers, locking storage compartment and high quality non-marking casters.

What makes this cart the Wireless Presentation Cart is the addition of a wireless connectivity device that allows you to mirror your IOS/Android devices, supporting BYOD initiatives. Enhancements with this feature include: sharing up to 4 screens simultaneously and providing connectivity options for up to 64 participants, giving them the ability to switch, share and annotate instantly at the educator's discretion. This makes it ideal for a variety of student learning including 1:1, 1: a few, or even, 1: many while adding to the functionality of existing classroom technology.

For more information on the AVRover Wireless Presentation cart or to chat with us about your particular classroom technology needs give us a call at 1-800-724-0236 or shoot us an email at We'd love to hear from you!


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