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To install or not to install

The ability to rearrange classrooms, coexist with present infrastructure and create a truly dynamic teaching environment anywhere, anytime and any size are key when looking for edtech that fits your needs. For some installed solutions fit their needs, but consider this: the average classroom installation costs $10,000. That’s right! Labor charges, rewiring of classrooms, mounting of interactive whiteboards and peripherals can add up quickly!

An AVRover system with wireless iPad mirroring and portable interactive whiteboard functionality can flex to be both the largest and smallest interactive whiteboard surfaces on the market at a fraction of the cost of an installed solution that often provides less features. Plus when you consider that you have the option to take your mobile classroom with you, share resources between classes and cater to special events and parent teacher conferences, the decision to go portable simply makes sense on a multitude of levels. Why commit to a static installed whiteboard system with limited functionality when you can have a dynamic portable solution for your classroom and beyond.

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