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More than just mobility

There are a lot of AV Carts that claim to provide mobility, like inexpensive laptop carts or 3-tiered plastic carts but you need the protection and security for your valuable AV equipment that a real AVRover provides.

A real AVRover is designed to be self-contained and completely wired with all of your audio-visual equipment expertly integrated for use upon arrival. No dangling wires or rickety mounting systems here! Everything is securely mounted, providing the stability to effectively move your system wherever and whenever you need it. Next, think about image adjustment. How many times have you had to put a textbook underneath a projector to get the appropriate image height for your projection screen or whiteboard? While this method can do the job in a pinch, it is not as flexible as AVRover’s securely mounted, adjustable projector shelf. With an AVRover, your projector and other equipment is securely mounted even when in use.

There is a lot more to an AVRover cart than simply mobility. There is affordable expert integration and superior quality to suit your exact needs. We invite you to chat/call or email us to explore your options.

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