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A Look at VR (Virtual Reality) for Education

This is Part Two of our Blog Series looking at 3D Learning Tools for Education. In this blog post we'll be exploring VR (Virtual Reality) and it's potential educational applications.

What is VR? An immersive Virtual experience where the user wears a headset and may have controllers to explore a VR (Virtual Reality) environment, simulation or video.

What Equipment is Needed? Headset, Computer or Smartphone, desired apps or software. Examples: Samsung Gear VR (smartphone reliant), HTC VIVE (computer reliant), Google Cardboard (smartphone reliant at present). Interesting note: Google recently purchased HTC VIVE for upwards of 1 billion dollars.

How does it work? Most commonly through use of head-mounted googles with a screen in front of each eye. Additionally sensors and controllers when applicable, allow users to interact with their VR environment.

Education Applications?: Virtual Field trips and environmental Exploration. Immersive 1:1 experience currently for students.

UP NEXT: Stereo 3D!

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