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A Look at Stereo 3D for Education

This is part three of our blog series: 3D Learning tools for education.

(This post will be slightly longer since AVRover specializes in Stereo 3D educational technology solutions :)

What is Stereo 3D?

First of all lets do a quick review of some of the Stereo 3D methods you might already be familiar with, just to help us understand the current level of stereo 3D technology and why it is different than previous versions.

Putting it all together: So now that we understand the differences between the types of Stereo 3D out there and why Active 3D is different, let's put it all together, after all you need 3D Content and to put everything together to bring 3D Lessons to students.

Educational Applications: Ability to teach 1:1, 1: a few, or 1: many. Thousands of animated 3D videos and interactive objects in STEM and CTE subjects designed to supplement classroom projects and lessons.

Stay Tuned for our next post: A comparison of AR, VR and Stereo 3D Educational Applications!

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