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3 Benefits of using Stereo 3D in the Classroom

1. 3D Helps make the learning process engaging and exciting. Students have the ability to repeat key steps without repercussions all while being engaged in a rich three dimensional environment. With Stereo 3D all students are seeing the exact same image at the same level of 3D enrichment regardless of where they are seated in the classroom, ensuring all students are on task while thoroughly engaged with subject material.

2. 3D enables students to visualize key concepts in completely new ways. Stereo 3D animations, simulations and interactive objects for example allow students to travel inside the human body or zoom inside of a dissected skeleton to a degree of detail and scope not possible with textbooks or physical models.

3. 3D Provides an Immersive and Hands on Experience. The phenomenon of the Haptic Envelope is triggered for all students when Stereo 3D is employed. The Haptic Envelope Phenomenon basically means that when objects are within arms reach or perceived to be within arms reach our brain prepares our body to reach out an grab said object by firing specific mirror neurons in our brains. When these mirror neurons fire we not only experience a heightened awareness but retain more information.

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