Want to go mobile with your edtech? Here's 5 Reasons why you'll want to choose AVRover!

1. Proper Configuration...OUT OF THE BOX! Each AVRover is expertly assembled and configured to your specifications from our headquarters in Buffalo, NY and ships completely ready to use upon arrival.

2. Security. While inexpensive plastic mobile carts can provide easy mobility the main trouble with them is that they are not secure or adjustable. Part of an AVRover solution is the secure mounting of your Audio Visual equipment which includes expert wiring so that everything is secure and guaranteed to work, every time.

3. Ease of use. Since each AVRover system is tested and ships complete you don't have to worry about setting up your AV equipment each time you want to present to your students or change classrooms. Simply plug in the cord on your AVRover, power on your components and your up and running in minutes!

4. Adjustable image size. Unlike free standing components or plastic av shelving units it is easy to adjust your image size and height. To increase or decrease image size simply move your AVRover closer to or further away from the desired projection surface. To raise or lower your image simply pull the adjustment cable on the side of the cart to raise or lower the projector shelf.

5. Futureproof. Because AVRover carts are so rugged and feature a 19" rack rail system you can easily swap out components when you need to replace them, extending the life of your AVRover investment while protecting your AV equipment and maximizing it's usage.

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