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4 Reasons why AVRover mobile solutions are truly unique.

With many options available when it comes to educational technology and the number of factors to consider, you should start with a solution that fits your current classroom set up while allowing for flexible furnishing and seating configurations. You want state of the art functionality and technology to engage your students. To this end: there are a lot of educational technology solutions to choose from at AVRover.

Why is AVRover unique? Here are just 4 reasons why AVRover is breaking the mold and developing unique educational technology solutions that help educators and inspire students like nothing else on the market today.

1. Our products are designed and manufactured in the Buffalo, NY, USA. We use local suppliers to source the materials to create our solutions. Our local workforce are experts in configuring and integrating audio visual equipment. Each AVRover is completely tailored to your educational needs and shipped ready to use.

2. AVRovers are flexible! What does that mean? By deploying mobile solutions, the cost and downtime associated with installing and maintaining audio visual equipment is no longer a problem and you will end up with a better size more flexible image.

3. Our products are cost effective and future-proof. AVRover systems maximize your budget by providing a secure, safe way to incorporate technology and handle future upgrades and the latest technology.

4. AVRovers feature state of the art educational technology, including Stereo 3D, while making it easy to use, share and collaborate. We can customize and integrate virtually any educational technology into your secure, stable, mobile chassis leading to endless options and potential configurations.

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