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Stop searching! You've found your new edtech solution :)

If you are familiar with our products at all, you probably know that while we offer set mobile presentation and device carts, all of our solutions can be customized using our extensive set of features and options for virtually any application. If you are looking for capabilities or features that we don't have an option listed for, our team of expert education integration specialists can usually incorporate or propose a solution that will exceed your expectations.

But while searching online for mobile carts you might find yourself wondering...Why AVRover? Why not a cart with plastic shelves for my projector or an empty cart chassis with a rack rail system?

When you buy an AVRover you are not just buying another inexpensive empty (and often times un-assembled) cart online. From the moment you contact us we will help you craft and customize a solution to suit your needs. And we've been doing it since 2006, for thousands of your educational colleagues across the country, so we have lots of tested and implemented ideas for you!

From classroom mobile projection solutions to mobile broadcast studios that can service an entire school's webcasting needs, AVRovers are COMPLETE solutions. This means that they ship ready to use and feature our industry leading 5 year warranty which includes replacement parts (on AVRover items) and troubleshooting from our experts.

Our carts feature an adjustable projector shelf, so no more books under your projector to adjust the height or waiting for your projector to be mounted properly in the ceiling or being locked into a specific classroom configuration because you can't move your projector anywhere you need it.

What about your school's broadcast studio? Are you able to move it where you want it or would that involve a lot of cumbersome equipment and set up each time you re-located? Imagine being able to do morning announcements and streaming live events without laborious set up in a sleek fully integrated console that travels with you.

What about saving money on installation costs? Why not spend your budget on the new technology you need in a complete, ready to use solution that is flexible instead of spending the majority of your budget on static, custom installation costs.

These are just a few of the intangibles (and tangibles :) you get when you choose AVRover.

1. Customization

2. Expertise

3. Complete solutions

4. Ships Ready to use

5. Flexibility in application

6. Save $ and time on labor

7. High quality, thoroughly tested and configured technology

8. Industry leading Warranty and Assistance

9. Call us and talk to a person not an endless phone tree :)

Reach out to us for more information on any of our products or to craft your own solution today. We'd love to hear from you!

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