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Be yourself.

This famous Oscar Wilde quote is an excellent reminder to listen to our own inner voice and intuition when it comes to making choices and decisions in your life. It can be easy to get caught up in the opinions and expectations of others and find ourselves living in someone else's shadow rather than forging our own path. It's a simple yet powerful statement and truly being ourselves can be incredibly hard for many of us. This same sentiment transfers over to lots of life choices, including educational technology decisions.

While mobile audio visual solutions are growing rapidly in popularity due to a number of reasons (flexibility in application, simple deployment and ease of use to name a few) they aren't exactly what everyone else is doing either. They are relatively unique solutions, often times custom tailored to the individual needs of a district, school or even individual educator.

Many companies are pushing large flat screen panels hard and it may seem to be the easy choice to make for a classroom, but many AVRover customers, once considering their particular needs have found that mobile carts offer adjustable image size, interchangeable components and even added security that the popular trend of flat screen panels simply doesn't offer them.

This is not to say a flat screen panel might not be the perfect solution for your classroom or that it is a poor choice, they can be powerful teaching resources, absolutely. But before you pull the trigger on purchasing a large panel or monitor we invite you to consider what features and functionality you really need in your school, classroom or district.

You might just find that an AVRover cart is exactly what you're looking for :)

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